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Theoretical study Contents   Vol.42, No.2, 2023      

Dynamic dialectical thinking in article 37 of Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases--LIU Dongde, HAO Zheng, ZHANG Guojun [172]

Research on “two loop lines” of Weiqi based the Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine--ZHANG Yunfei, QIU Lin, TIAN Lu [115]

Analysis on the dosage, main symptoms, and compatibility rules of ephedra in the Theory of Typhoid and Miscellaneous Diseases--SUN Yimeng, LIU Nawen [85]

Investigation on the development of integrated Chinese and Western medicine based on frontline medical practitioners--WU Chunlei, LIN Jingyi, GAO Haohao, GUO Yi, REN Haiyan, JIA Hongbo, BIAN Yuhong, WANG Lei, HAO Zheng [80]

Pathway exploration on inheritance and innovation of “syndrome differentiation and treatment” under the background of combination of traditional Chinese and western medicine--CHEN Yinxiao, LI Zhaodong, LI Jiaying, LU Chuanjian [80]

Clinical research
Clinical experience
Experimental research
Research of traditional Chinese drug

Analysis of chemical constituents from Evodia rutaecarpa by UHPLC-Q-TOF-MS/MS--LI Ming, YUAN Jinbin, ZHANG Xun, FENG Hao, REN Xiaojing [58]

Comprehensive characterization of volatile organic compounds in Qinggan Qiuyin based on HS-GC-IMS and HS-SPME-GC-MS--LI Wei, WU Xinlong, DING Hui, YIN Jiaxin, YANG Wenzhi, SONG Xinbo, LI Zheng, YU Heshui [47]

Quality analysis of Pueraria Formula Granules process control based on specific chromatogram--WANG Dongyue, ZHANG Zhiqiang [47]

Study on the tissue distribution of Panax notoginseng saponins ophthalmic gel in rabbit eyes--WANG Renxing, ZHANG Kuibin, WANG Min, HU Yuankang, LIU Zhidong [30]

Documentary evidence of ascending, lowering, floating and sinking medicinal properties of shoma--ZHANG Meiqing, LI Jiaxin, MA Liping, DING Liqin, QIU Feng, ZHANG Deqin [52]

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